To provide quality health information, news and tools in a timely manner to our visitors, GORILLA JACK permits health-related advertising on our site. However, we do not allow outside advertisers to affect the quality or accuracy of information on our site, and we maintain a stringent policy of editorial independence.

The following advertising policy is in force on We maintain complete editorial independence with respect to our content in every circumstance. We do not permit advertisers or other third-party sponsors to make changes to content, or to introduce biased content into the design of our site.

We clearly identify all advertisements, sponsorships, and sponsor-related material on the GORILLA JACK site. We separate this material from medical or health-related content and tools. If you choose to click on an advertisement, GORILLA JACK is not responsible for the content on the advertiser's site.

We do not accept advertising that is false, misleading, ineffective, dangerous, or for firearms, alcohol, tobacco, and pornographic products or websites.

We will not provide or sell any information to a third party that would allow it to identify a person's individual medical circumstances or conditions.


GORILLA JACK does not accept "advertorials". Advertorials are articles provided by sponsors with the sole purpose of promoting a product or service. However, advertisements on may link to off-site advertorials that GORILLA JACK has no control over.

Advertising and Collected Health Information

GORILLA JACK occasionally shares anonymous aggregate statistical information regarding site usage and traffic with advertisers and sponsors. This information cannot be linked to individual users and is entirely anonymous.

Advertisements are not directed to individual users but may be targeted to individual conditions and their relevant sections on the site. We do not "push" advertisements to users based on stored information.